About Me




I am Brenda Pedroza

I am 41 years old,

I am Follower of Jesus,

I am a Lover of God,

I am single, again…

I am Mexican, I was born in Mexico City on January 23, 1976

I am an Accountant and Stylist by profession,

I am a graduate from The Advanced Leadership and Pastoral School. Christ For The Nations Institute, I am a Missionary.

I am an artist by nature,

I am a Writer and Photographer hobbyist,

I am a Businesswoman,

I am a good cooker,

I am a clean and organized person,

I am romantic,

I am a good helper,

I am passionate about helping others in practical ways to fulfill their dreams!

I like to read,

I like to talk,

I like to laugh,

I like to listen music; christian, instrumental, romantic, etc.

I like to paint,

I like to cook,

I like to watch movies, comedy, romantic, historic, action, etc

I like to travel,

I like to bring order and beauty to places and to people life’s,

I like to go out to visit different places,

I like to do or try new and funny things,

I like to help,

I like to take pictures,

I like to do handcrafts,

I like to make friends,

I like to sleep (jejeje, Who don’t?),

I like Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, and Sea Food,

I like hot and ice tea,

I like Ice cream!!!

I like berry’s,

I like roses and lilies,

I like perfume,

I like gifts, cards and surprises!


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