I said…


“To know that you are the number one in the heart of the most important person in your life makes a whole difference to your heart, because we were made to be the first and the only love for someone forever and nothing else, period…”

Brenda Pedroza, March 19 2017

“Kingdom purpose, in the lives of God’s children all that hapen have a Kingdom purpose…!!!”

-Brenda Pedroza, March 13 2017

“Friendship in spirit, the most delightful treasure. Tree of life. A seed of hope. Agape love. Help in battle. Embrace. Lift up. Cheers. Fantastic Joy. Give and receive!!!”

-Brenda Pedroza, March 12 2017

“Seasons, life comes in seasons.”

-Brenda Pedroza, September 26 2016

“Be creative and you will be happy.”

Brenda Pedroza, September 21 2016

¿Que llevo dentro? Llevo a Mexico en las venas, y fluye a traves de ellas una gran  “Pasion por lo Mexicano”, mientras mas estudio, escudriño, siento y vivo la riqueza de mi cultura mas me enamoro de mis raices, nuestra historia y sus colores…”

“What is that I have inside? I carry Mexico in my veins, and flows through them a great “Pasion for all wich is Mexican”, while  I more study and searcheth, feel and live the richness of my culture I fell more and more in love with my roots, our history and its colors…”

Brenda Pedroza, September 17 2016

“Holyness is Beauty to Him, no wonder He ask us to be Holy as He is Holy… He surely delights in that peculiar kind of Beauty.

-Brenda Pedroza, September 09 2016

“Faith=is a light that shines in the darkness, Hope=is waiting with patience, Love=is the endurance while you wait with patience believing until happens what the light of faith gave you as a glimpse when it shined as a flash of light before you at your darkest hour… Selah…”

Brenda Pedroza, September 08, 2016

“When light shines and touch, life and beauty are revealed to the eyes and then to the soul too…”

-Brenda Pedroza, September 01, 2016

“God is the fountain of life, life is progression, having eternal life is the the only way in wich we can enjoy the endless progression that match the Love divine that never ends.”

-Brenda Pedroza,  February 02, 2016

“To humble yourself and give up your right of revenge or your cry for restitution and to forgive all the damage caused to your life for the past or present actions of your enemies in order to share the Gospel with them, just because you can’t let them go to hell like that, I think is pure Agape Love that comes from the fruit of the Spirit that is growing in you…”

Brenda Pedroza, September 23 2015

“God is not a person who loves us, He is the Love in person.”

Brenda Pedroza, April 19, 2014

“The wind of the Spirit can take you where you don’t want to be for a season to use you for His kingdom purposes not for your pleasure, be aware of it.”

Brenda Pedroza, March 06, 2014

If you have a dream, believe me you could achieve something remarkable with your life is just a matter of  pursue it and never give up! Keep dreaming!!!

Brenda Pedroza

“Submission is just for smart people, pacemakers and humble spirits.”

-Brenda Pedroza

“That is my deep desire and that I do: To paint the Truth with my brushes. The truth not mine but His. Truth abides in two very different spheres, natural and eternal.
My reality is my truth, and my truth, in the natural sphere, is that my facts tend to decay.
His truth, in the eternal sphere, is the absolute, which is already in the Spirit and it will be forever, it is all good, acceptable and perfect.
With it rescues me from my reality, accept me, embrace me and gave me back honor; His truth tends to Glory, tends to the eternal to what ever stop being extravagant and perfect… His truth is Love!”

Brenda Pedroza 

“For you I am a worshipper, I am a poet, I am an artist, I am a dancer, I am a warrior, I am a follower, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend, but above all this things I am a Bride sick of Love for you…”

 –Brenda Pedroza, October 05 2013

“Yesterday night I started to paint again, then I realize that to paint for me is just another way to worship God, my art work tell the history of grace and redemption that is my testimony in images. I am sure that God smile when He see it because this bring Him glory. He loves me that much that He came and rescue me from my own mistakes. To Him be the Honor and Glory!!!”

Brenda Pedroza, September 24 2013