Letters to Nicodemus


Hello again my precious friend Nicodemus!

Lately you has been in my mind my dear friend, I have been living moments full of different sensations, and I miss you, I really miss you! There is always, deep in the  soul, a need to talk to a good friend to share what the heart feels, be it a deep joy, a victory, the uncertainty of what happens, the sadness of a lived tragedy, the deep and honest questions that arise from the heart when you face situations that let you discover reality, your own reality, that reality that leaves you cold and not does more than challenge you to do a radical change in your way of thinking, or even your behavior. Yes, my dear friend, I need you by my side in those days when you do not know what to do and you need a wise advice, a word of encouragement or just a thread of ears to make you stop and thus return to the right path.

I know I will see you soon again and I am looking forward to those moments of joy and happiness and deep conversation that we always have when you and I get together and share our hearts.

I have to go for now, but I want you to know that you are one of the most precious possessions I hold dear to my heart, despite the time and distance. I love you as always.

Yours forever,

Me, a true friend

September 17, 2017.


Love Bubbles
“Love Bubbles” By Brenda Pedroza / “Burbujas de Amor” Por Brenda Pedroza

Hello again my precious friend Nicodemus:

I have a lot to tell you, but for now I just can say that everything begun few months ago with the visit of two Prophets, they are dear friends of mine, yes I said Prophets, and they spoke! A simple word they release upon me: “Aceleration”, at the instant I could feel things started to move in a fast pace in some areas of my life that were asleep, I am sure that because of us getting together, those few days, the spiritual atmosphere changed around, because to see and to speak the things of the Spirit among us is so relevant as children of God. That is why I encourage you to keep partnering with prophetic people who can speak and see the things in the Spirit. When we speak over others, words inspired by God, everything can change in their lives.

I promise to write to you soon with more details, but for now I want you to know that you are in my prayers and it is my desire that you continue to grow in the things of God. Please keep me in your prayers too.


Yours forever,

Me, a true friend

April 29 2017.


Hi my dear Nicodemus!

Tonight you came to my mind while I was looking at the sky, the moon up there Oh, it was gorgeous, it was brilliant, it was shining with such splendor! I wonder if, wherever you are this night, you took a moment to stop and lift your head and look at the moon too. If you had a chance to saw it, I bet you was amazed as much as me! God was showing us the beauty of light in the middle of a deep dark night. This reminds me of the promise He gave us to be our light in our path and that we will become his reflection to others. I feel loved and blessed with the assurance of his promises because every day that pass I am convinced that they are more than true.

My beloved friend, I encourage you to keep receiving from his divine love and allow yourself to be a reflection of that love wich will make you to become a shining light to others around, as the moon shined tonight at the sky I pray you will be shining bright full of our Heavenly Father’s love.

Yours forever,

Me, a true friend

February 10 2017.

My beloved friend Nicodemus:

I write to you hoping that you are enjoying life. You must know that since the moment I meet you I knew we will be friends forever, there was something about you that draw me and made me feel comfortable, secure and accepted, Oh what a joy! I finally meet a kindred spirit to share the deepest thoughts of my heart with liberty and total confidence, your friendship is like a rare treasure in this world, in fact I consider it a divine gift granted to those who are thirsty of a deep and significant conection with another soul, those who are brave enough to show who they really are, the bright and the dark side of them. Since that moment I knew we will be able to talk from heart to heart, in spirit and in truth, that kind of dimensión created by agape love where friendship can be build, strengthened and sustained forever and ever, without the pressure of sexual attraction that is very human and some times stole the soul from experience the best and pure purpose of companion and friendship, which is to be completely honest and transparent with one another without fear to be misunderstood, judged, rejected or abandoned.

I want to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be your friend, I promise I will treasure it and I believe we will enjoy the journey of life together. I will be always here for you and I promised to share the secrets I know and those I have learned trough experience,  I will unveil things for you at the right time to help you grow in spirit and I can’t wait to receive from you too.

It is time for me to go, but I promise I will write to you soon.

Yours forever,

Me, a true friend

January 27 2017.