October 2015

It is amazing! This 2015 has been a year of giving “Birth”, I have been working, at the office/studio we set up at the beginning of September, as a Missionary Consultant besides a team of great people on putting together different Projects we had in our hearts for a while, all of these projects are part of Gospel House Ministries in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

These projects have the precious goal to bless people in different and creative ways, especially those in need around us. Check the Pages below, give us a “Like” and join us, there are many ways you can support us in our mission: “To Bless Others”.


Happy Sowers / Sembradores Alegres, A.C.

Founder: Lic. Itzell Pedroza


Recycle-Me/ Recicla-me

Founders : Ps’s Tere and Ignacio Pedroza


Beauty for Ashes/ Belleza en lugar de Cenizas

Founder : Ps Brenda Pedroza


Paint me a Tree Project/ Proyecto Pintame un Arbol 

Founder : Ps Brenda Pedroza

I am so honored to be invited to teach Children and Adults at Gospel House Ministries, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico since I get Home. I am so thankful for this extraordinary season in which God is giving me the opportunity to share his word with this amazing groups. Personally I have gained more revelation of the Kingdom, and for me to learn more about the deeper things of God and His word is my delight and to share what I have found it is my privilege.


“Restoring Relationships” Class

This class is an extraordinary series of teachings for inner healing, I rejoice seen the wonderful changes in the lives of my students by the work of the Holy Spirit bringing healing and deliverance upon them. The Notes for the class are available at “Bride to Be” Blog, you can check it out at the page “The Soul”.

panorama biblico

“Bible Panorama” Class (Adults and Kids version)

This other class is the study of the whole Bible, it is amazing how the Holy Spirit brings the revelation of the treasures of God’s word to those who join us. The notes for this class are available at “Bride to Be” Blog, you can check it out at the page “Foundations”.

March 2014


I am so glad to announce that I am finally writing my new blog called Bride to be. 

This is a Blog where I will share, with those who desire to go deeply in their relationship with the Lord, the secrets and the lessons I had learn through my walk with God since I decide to go deeper with Him at any cost.
We can learn from the Bible that there are different roles regarding the relationship that a human being has with God; Children of God, Servant of God, Friend of God but none of this is as intimate as the role of the Bride of Christ.

We will discover a new view and our hearts will change, we finally will understand why we had to face so many challenges and trials in our christian life when the only thing we pursue is to be near to God, we will unveil mysteries and secrets that came from the heart of God and our hearts finally will be fill with eternal joy because we will enjoy an intimate and passionate relationship with the Lover of our souls.

February 2013

Fit2gather, Small Group at Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, Tx. 
fit-2-gather photo

IMG00981-20130217-0047IMG01015-20130224-1700Recently I had been called to start a Small Group for Single Young Adults at my Church, Trinity Church Cedar Hill, Tx. This is a big challenge and a great opportunity to do ministry and be able to gather talented young people to become a team that can put their gifts to work and go help others!!!

A beautiful freedom, blog
A Beautiful Freedom
One of the things that I we will be sharing on this blog, besides my art and little articles that I write, is the amazing histories of  “beautiful Freedom” that God had made in people life’s.  A couple months ago my dear friend Beth invite me to join a bloggers group, I had no idea that this will become a great tool for me, I knew that I need to find a way to bring out those  ideas that I had in my mind, she help me to set up the structure and the design of my blogs then now I can post almost everything on the web, it is that amazing or what? Keep reading it maybe your history will be the next!!!

Pro+Art, Professionals and Artist Network
I start to develop a network that gather christian people professionals and artist that can become a group consultants that support and guide those who wants to start or improve their own business, ministry or corporation. We will be an affordable professional platform to stand and make their dreams become real!!! Join us entrepreneurs…

Art Class CFNI
art is backIMG00841-20130207-1913
I am happy because I had been invited “again” this semester to be part of the Art Class that Carlos Cazares impart at CFNI, I am learning and trying to improve my painting skills, I have a lot to learn from the Artist. This semester we will produce our catalog, all the students will include their paintings, this is so exciting!!!

Nehemiah House Project, Housing and Art Studio
nemohouse logo nemohouse photo
I am part of the amazing team at Nehemiah House Project, This is a ministry that provide’s temporary housing to those in a season of transition in their life. I am living the experience and it is so good!

Aquaponics and Earth
aquaponics and earth logo aquaponics and earth
I am a volunteer once a week at Aquaponics and Earth, I enjoy to  be around helping with the farm and learning about aquaponics, gardening, soon caning, etc. If you like to learn how to cultivate fish and veggies this is an amazing model to follow.


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