Poetry and Me

“Your Beauty”

Your beauty  Oh, my beloved, is out of this world, but for now

it can only be seen with the eyes of the spirit,

Your splendor is so wonderful, but for now

it can only be seen with the eyes of the soul,

Your majesty is admirable, but for now

it can only be contemplated with the spirit in awe,

Your beauty is the most powerful force,

I cannot see it yet with my natural eyes but I can feel it and

it attracts me to you, I am lost before thee,

Your beauty is indescribable, incomprehensible for the mind,

it can’t be contained, it can’t be described,

it can’t be compared to anything in this world,

it is so pure, so unique, so exquisite, so delightful to me,

Your beauty is just simply desirable for those

who may perceive it with their spirit and soul

I am lost in your beauty, a realm I didn’t know that can exist,

even now without have been able to see you yet with my natural eyes,

I can’t imagine the very moment when you will appear to me

and all that now I only can see and perceived, just in the spirit, will be

finally revealed before my own eyes,

Surely your beauty is a treasure worthy to be searched and found,

Your beauty,  your splendor,  your majesty,

all of you Oh, my beloved is marvelous and unimaginable to me,

I can’t wait to see that simple desirable beauty of you,

Oh, your delicate beauty lover of my soul…

-Brenda Pedroza

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. October 04, 2016

“I see your heart”

I see your heart in every star,

Your heart is brilliant before my eyes,

I see your heart in the middle of the storm,

Your heart is calm and gives me peace, your heart is a refuge to my tired soul,

I see your heart in every flower, tender and so beautiful, delicate and fragant with such a sweet aroma that has captivated me.

Your heart is a place for me to abide, your heart Oh, my beloved your heart!

Your heart is my home, my eternal one.

-Brenda Pedroza

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. September 25, 2016

No wonder…

You and I Romance…
Heaven and Earth…
Two to be One..
Eternity and Time colide…
The first and the last…
The beginning and the end…
You are my all…
So exquisite to me… no wonder I have fallen in your loving arms Oh, my beloved one…

-Brenda Pedroza

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. September 02, 2016

“You melt my heart…”

When light shines and touch, life and beauty are revealed to the eyes and then to the soul too…

Now in your light I can see you and you are so wonderful to Me.

You are always near to me, here in my heart.

I think of you every day… every moment… Oh, how I long to see your face beloved of my soul!

You are my dearest dreams, only you satisfy my soul.

Your kindness melt my heart. Oh, how generous you are…!

That’s why the simple thought of a eternal future with you, gives me Hope!

-Brenda Pedroza

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. September 01, 2016